Binny’s Member Savings Sucks


Big Holiday Party this weekend – made a stop at Binny’s to pick up liquor.  I usually love Binny’s – it’s like a big box store of liquor and liquor-related items.  It’s like a Disneyland for drinkers!  

I wander the aisles with my husband all bright-eyed and in awe of humankind’s many different ways to get schnockered. 

We are Binny’s Club Members – which supposedly allows you to save lots of money each time you buy from Binny’s.  Our bill was $538.87.  Guess how much we saved with our wonderful Membership? 



3 thoughts on “Binny’s Member Savings Sucks

  1. Thanks for pointing that out.

    My regular w/e routine is a visit to the LTF gym in s’burg, followed by a swing by Binny’s on Golf to stock up on cancer fighting red wine, plus a little white wine for when the red wine sulfites give me too bad of a headache. Obviously, it’s all about living a healthy lifestyle.

    I dutifully whip out my Binny’s frequent shopper card, but to be honest with you, I never look at the receipt or the points or any of that crap, so I didn’t know it was such a bogus deal.

    You can really learn a lot from this informative blog…thanks for the public service Tiff.

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