The Creamed Fish Ring


I know, I know… I promised not to post any more ring mold recipes, but this one technically isn’t a mold since there’s no gelatin – and… it is so…. pretty.  I got mesmerized by it and couldn’t help myself.  I need to share beauty when I see it.
This gorgeous dish is Creamed Shellfish in a Rice Ring, which compared to my other barf-inducing vintage recipes I’ve posted, doesn’t sound half bad.   It’s made of scallops, shrimp and crab with a flour, cream and wine sauce, with buttered rice as the ring.  I think I have lost my mind studying all these recipes… this one is actually making me hungry.  Plus, it looks like some sort of Seafood Easter Bonnet, along the lines of Homer Simpson’s Nacho Hat.
Mmmmm… nachos.