The Brilliant Sea School Ad


I don’t know what it is about this ad that fascinates me so.  Is it the terrible copy?  The bad artwork?  The awful headline font?  I’m not sure… but I am sure that I can’t look away.  
Sign me up, Chef Bilgepump!

One thought on “The Brilliant Sea School Ad

  1. Perhaps Chef Bilgepump had a few extra mins. between runnin’ the school, teachin’ the classes, buyin’ the supplies, placin’ the graduates, etc. to go and write himself an ad.

    But he didn’t stop at some simple copy in a rectangular box….oh no! He got him some art work, and threw in a couple of different fonts and things, just to spice it up.

    “We ain’t no culinary arts school” really seals the deal for me…

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