My Album Collection: Fonzie’s Favorites 1976


This fine album was one of the first albums I ever bought myself with my allowance.  Yes, it’s a Fonz record.  Not only that, it’s a Fonz record with special appearances by Laverne & Shirley and the Sweathogs. Cool, huh?   I certainly thought so when I bought it in the Bargain Bin at Woolco.
Yes, I used to like the Fonz.  Why, I have no idea.  I look at that horrible show now and I don’t even know why I watched it.  It was a big deal in 1976 – I guess that’s what happens when you only have four channels.  Anyway, I liked the Fonz so much that I stole for him.  I went to Skagg’s with a friend and I shoplifted a Fonzie pin that looked kind of like the one he has on in the album cover that said “SIT ON IT” and had a picture of the Fonz with his trademark “Aaaaaay” thumbs-up stance.  My parents wouldn’t let me wear it because they thought that SIT ON IT was a rude thing to say.  Ahhhh.. the innocent 70s.  So, basically, I stole it and couldn’t even wear it.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere, I think.
 I was so excited when I had saved up enough money to buy this record!  Then, I got it home.  It was kind of a rip – it only had two songs about the Fonz (Fonzarelli Slide and The Fonz Song) and the rest was old recycled 50s music.  Oh, and a final track of an “impressionist” saying all the cool Fonz sayings so you could learn how to say them, too.  Like I couldn’t say SIT ON IT or AAAAY without the “impressionist” teaching me.  The Fonzarelli Slide had some ridiculous gimmick in which both the Sweathogs and Laverne & Shirley somehow are involved and sing about the Fonz.  It didn’t make sense on a lot of levels, but I was 9, what did I know?
The coolest thing, though, was that the back of the album cover had a fold out tab that allowed you to stand this up as a picture, which I am sad to admit, I did.  Proudly.