Sleeveface: Harder than it Looks!


In my ramblings about old album covers, I came across a new fun pastime called “Sleeveface.”  It’s where you take old album covers and match them up to your body to make a cool composite picture.  After looking at  a few on the Flickr Sleeveface Group, I’m betting that this is much harder than it looks.  Some of them really are amazing and artistic.  Some of them suck.  But, the best part is seeing all the old album covers.  (Of course, the Morrissey one is my favorite so far.)

One thought on “Sleeveface: Harder than it Looks!

  1. That reminds me… fans of early Bob Dylan may find this amusing.

    Visualize the album sleeve of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Bob is walking down some snowy NYC street in the village, with Suzie Rotolo on his arm (here’s the link if you’re interested:'fw.html).

    I’ve always loved that album, as it had so many great tunes on it. At any rate, I was walking around NYC last summer, and I suddenly got this weird, deja vu feeling…I couldn’t account for it, and I couldn’t place it. It’s not like I’ve ever spent more than a day or two at a time in NYC, and rarely as far south as Tribeca or the Village. Then it hit me. I couldn’t prove it, but I KNEW I was walking down that very street, on that very block, that I’d seen so many times on the Freewheelin’ album. It was just an excellent feeling. I’m sure that if anybody would have made eye contact with me (not recommended in NYC), that would have seen me with this insane grin on my face…

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