Broken Toe… Stupid Story


Okay, I know I haven’t blogged in awhile – – since the last time I wrote I:

  • Had a terrible and annoying cold
  • Broke my toe
  • Went to Miami for a few days to get out of this awful Chicago weather
I know what you all are thinking about the broken toe.  Yes, I did it Superbowl Sunday.  No, I was stone sober! Come on, people… I was sick, remember?  
I wish I had a good story about how it happened , but really it’s just plain dumb.  We have a big sectional couch down in the TV room that is shaped like  a “U” and I usually sit in the round part of the U.  So, getting up to go to the kitchen or bathroom means I have to *gasp* walk all the way around the U and then back to the other side. Usually, I just hop over the back.  I’ve done it 99,999 times before.  This time I misjudge the hop over and smash my right foot on the back of the couch and then fall down.  Not sure if I broke the toe on the smash or the subsequent fall, but I am sure that it hurt like hell.  It’s the one next to the little toe.  What is he?  The little piggy that had no roast beef?  Well, perhaps that explains it. Either that or he was a Patriots fan.
Anyway, as anyone with a broken toe will tell you there’s really nothing they can do – you kind of just have to deal with it.  We were supposed to leave for Miami the next morning.  So, swallowing the pain (along with a leftover vicodin from my husband’s dentist) I get on the plane and go to Miami.  I guess I’d rather be miserable in the sun when it’s 87 than here where it’s either snowing 12 inches for the umpteenth time or twenty fucking below zero.  All in all, we had a good time.  I couldn’t really do much but lay by the pool, go out to dinner, and drink a few Rum & Diets because of my poor little toe.
Hey…  thanks Mr. Toe!

2 thoughts on “Broken Toe… Stupid Story

  1. Wow, that’s pretty lame….Ha ha, get it?

    Actually, not trying to be unsympathetic. I was playing football in someone’s front yard back in grade school, going for the end zone when i ran full speed into a tree with my left little toe. As I wasn’t wearing any shoes (come on, this was Texas), it really hurt like hell and kinda stuck out at a bad angle, making it hard to run, etc. When I finally got to the doc, he just pushed it back in the same general direction as the other toes and taped it down with athletic tape. End of story. But thanks for reminding me about the R&C haiku and Startide Rising, a kick-ass sf book if you like talking dolphins and such.

  2. Had to Wikipedia Startide Rising – haiku – I get it now. Love the esoteric references!

    You are probably the only person who liked Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football! 🙂

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