Happy Valentine’s Day!


Here it is Valentine’s Day already…  I was in a gift shop yesterday picking up something for a friend’s daughter’s birthday and I saw the hordes of confused, wide-eyed men, searching for something, anything to give their SOs.  It’s always kind of a sad scene – – you can smell the desperation emitting from their stressed out pores.  The salesladies were trying to be helpful – but it didn’t seem to be helping as they always seemed to shuffle them back over to the expensive display of jewelry and purses.  It kind of reminded me of that scene in Animal House when Pinto and Flounder were rushing at the Omega house and they kept taking them back to meet Mohammet, Jugdish, Sydney and Clayton.

One man in front of me was getting a yoga ball and workout tape set.  I certainly hope it was for him or he’s gonna be sorry today.  Another was picking up one of those “Life is Good” t-shirts that was pink and FOR THE CURE.  Nice thought – – poor execution.  Still another was staring off into space as he tried his best to pick from the giant wall of ugly Vera Bradley crap.  This was the man I felt the most sorry for – you know he felt like I would if I were staring at a wall of belt sanders.

Frankly, Valentine’s Day is kind of a sham.  From the heartbreak of not getting enough valentines in your paper sack in third grade to trying to outdo yourself every year – sometimes it’s too much pressure!  I just read a quote from Heidi Klum who says that two people who love each other should show it every day instead of only once a year.  I am lucky enough to have someone who does that for me, and I hope he thinks I do the same for him.  It’s about the little things – not about fancy dinners, expensive gifts and roses.

Hey, but you shoulda seen the flowers I got today!!!  Heidi Klum, eat your heart out! 

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