Vintage Cookbook Centerfold of the Week


Courtesy of 500 Tasty Sandwiches, 1949.
Actually, this centerfold doesn’t look too bad – I’m all for anything broiled with cheese.  What I thought was interesting was how good the tomatoes look.  These are real, actual tomatoes – you know – the kind that seems to have been extinct for the past 30 years.  
My mom used to always tell me that tomatoes were different when she was a kid – they actually tasted good, were red, blah blah blah.  Since all I ever knew were the grocery store tomatoes of the 70s, I didn’t know what she was talking about.   Then, I had a real tomato from an actual garden and it all made sense.  
Those things you find in the grocery store or on top of your Whopper are not a tomato.  They are grey, mushy tasteless specimens of year-round produce gone bad.  It’s sad that some people, like I was, don’t even know what a real tomato tastes like.
The only way to get a real tomato these days is to grow it yourself.  Even those Farmers Markets are suspect – most of the “farmers” seem to be the same crowd that may sell you two designer sunglasses for $10 at the local flea market the next week. ( I think they just go to the grocery store, buy some tomatoes there, put them in a crate and pretend they farmed it themselves. )
Now, those asparagus are a different story…  

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