QVC vs Quicktime Logo


As a Graphic Designer, I can tell you that –  at least in my opinion – creating logos is one of the hardest and most time consuming of projects.  They look simple, but that simplicity is murder to do.  I can also tell you that when creating logos, I have browsed through other logos for inspiration and ideas.  But taking a look at the above new QVC logo that I noticed in an ad on BBC America, this seems a little over the line as far as “inspiration” goes.
The very least that the designer could have done is use a different color, no?  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but when I saw this I thought of Quicktime right off the bat.  A little lazy in my book – but then again, I don’t have multi billion dollar corporations as clients. 
Looks like I am not the only one thinking about this.  Click here for a really in-depth discussion from dorks who actually find this stuff really interesting, like me. 

2 thoughts on “QVC vs Quicktime Logo

  1. Wow, I saw QVC’s logo back in November and thought the same thing. It does seem a little flat.

    In their defense, I will offer this: 1) I think they actually use many different colors with their logo depending on the type of product that’s being sold. I saw it as gold, red and green at different times over the holidays. 2) This is kinda the no-brainer treatment of the letter ‘Q.’ I mean, if you’re going to make a logo out of it, it’s probably qoing to look something like this.

    WIth that said, there’s no excuse that they couldn’t have found more differientiation. It’s only hurting their brand.

  2. Brett

    I did notice the different color treatments after I originally posted this – I didn’t realize that this new branding had been out since November.

    Flat is a good word – I pity the poor designer who had to come up with all the different treatments for the letter ‘Q’ after they decided that was the direction they wanted!

    I am happy to work in my own little world of small-fries…

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