Bud Light: Sausages! Please, Sausages! Sausage!


I don’t know what it is about this ad… I have watched it a zillion times and I laugh every time. This is such a fabulous ad in an otherwise mediocre campaign.  What is it that makes it so fucking hilarious? I think it’s the dog’s accent (and the change-up from sausages to sausage) and incredible timing. Brilliant in that regard.

Too bad Bud Light tastes like warm piss in a rusty bucket, however.

One thought on “Bud Light: Sausages! Please, Sausages! Sausage!

  1. I completely agree about this commercial. The timing, accent and subtle change from “sausages” to “sausage” and back and the “Please!” in there, too.

    Way too funny.

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