Book Cover Update Madness


I can’t tell you how sad this makes me.  
The Cat Ate My Gymsuit was one of my favorite books when I was a kid.   I must have read it 50 times.  The story is basically about Marcy, a chubby teenager who feels out of place in life, hates school (especially gym), hardly has any friends and has some horrible parents as well.  The story is also about self-acceptance, self-worth and little women’s lib thrown in to boot! (Well, it was written in 1974.)    The brilliance of this book was that anyone going through adolescence identified with the book – including me.  It was (is) an incredible book, and I was glad to see that it is still around.
Well, I was glad until I saw the new and improved cover art.  It looks like crappy chick lit for kids.  Marcy is supposed to be overweight, mousy brown hair, glasses and a loner – not some skinny cutsie cartoon wannabe that looks like a teenage Lisa Loeb!  I don’t think the person who created this cover art even read the book.  The cat on the cover????  There is no fucking cat in the book!  It refers to one of Marcy’s many excuses not to get into her gym clothes so that the other kids can’t make fun of her.  This is wrong on so many levels!
I cry for our future. 

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