Pologos™ – Judging the Candidates by their Logos



Okay, let’s talk political logos.  Or, as I just coined the phrase, Pologos ™  (copyright, Nacho Underpants, 2008.  All rights reserved.)  

The Obama logo looks like someone did it in class at ITT Tech.  I’ve read it’s supposed to look “fresh” and “new”  and like a sun coming over the horizon,  but every time I see it I am reminded of a poorly done  industrial corn fuel company logo.   Plus, the lettering for Obama ’08 is like the lamest font ever.  I think that is the default Times New Roman and no one even bothered to at least bold it or something!  Plus, the apostrophe used for ’08 is a left curly apostophe, which although technically correct, looks odd.  Maybe a space would help.  Overall, it is a very amateurish design.
The Hillary logo is traditional and snoozeville.  It’s got all the cliché elements:  Red white and blue colors, flagish ribbon, stripes and stars.  The one thing I kind of wonder about is why they use her first name instead of last name like everyone else?  Do they really think that if they use “Clinton” that dumb asses would think it was Bill again instead of her?  Actually, people probably are that stupid – but maybe that would be a good thing – I’d vote for Bill again if I could.  But, I find it kind of annoying that we need to be on  a first name basis with her and not any men.  I mean, wouldn’t it look stupid if McCain’s signs read “JOHN FOR PRESIDENT”?  It’s too cutsey and girlie and in my mind brings her down a notch.
McCain’s logo is actually my favorite.  I like the deep dark blue color with the gold contrast, and anyone who knows me knows I am partial to stars.  It’s a good, strong military-ish star -I suppose to subconsciously remind us of his military background.  The font is nice, too – strong and sans-serif to show that he’s not fucking around with any effeminate curly-cues or anything.  I like that it doesn’t look like it came from a college student or an automatic political sign generating company.  
Good job, McCain!  Too bad I wouldn’t vote for you in a million years!

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