It’s #@&*$! Snowing in Chicago!

24pm 3/21/08

Wrigley Field, Chicago  3:24pm 3/21/08 

Oh, please!  I am soooooo sick of this fucking snow!

Okay, I was on vacation, but now I’m back to this grey, depressing, freezing fucking weather.


2 thoughts on “It’s #@&*$! Snowing in Chicago!

  1. You know what is so totally awesome about this? The ground is so f*ucking wet already that all this snow is going to go straight into the ALREADY AT FLOOD STAGE rivers. Oh wait…Not awesome.

  2. No whining missy…at least you escaped for a week of warmth, sand and umbrella drinks, while we were left sucking it up here in the frozen tundra

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