Get Your Butt(s) out of the Road


So I’m driving home from running some errands today and I stop at a busy intersection and happen to look out the window.  This is basically what I saw.  (I did not take this picture, but it’s the same thing.)  What kind of sheltered life have I lived that I never noticed the 10 billion cigarette butts on the ground?  WTF?
My mother has told me before that when she was a kid they didn’t think twice about throwing garbage out the window.   in fact, one of my family’s favorite stories was when my mom was sitting in the front seat of the car  and threw her half finished milkshake cup out the window, and it went in the back in through the back window and hit her brother in the head.  Then, hilarity ensued.  Now, doesn’t this story seem completely outrageous today?  Somehow this outrage hasn’t caught on when it comes to cigarette butts?
I have nothing against smokers.  If you want to smoke, hooray for you. But, how can you be so rude as to just toss them out the window when you’re done?  What if I tossed each bottle of rum out the window when I was done with it?  (There’d be a hell of a lot of rum bottles on the road, that’s what!)
People, come on.  This is just nasty.  Plus, they never go away.  Get your butts outta the road!

3 thoughts on “Get Your Butt(s) out of the Road

  1. Blame our lovely governor and county officials.

    I used to be a good smoker… not littering butts all over the place. Then Cook County drove the taxes on smokes sky-high. So out went the butts on to the street. Hey… I’m paying all that extra money, I should get some benefit.

    Now, it’s state wide…. can’t smoke unless you’re shivering out in the cold 15 feet away from the door. And still paying sky-high taxes. For me, it’s a form of protest.

    Also, having a bunch of old butts in the ashtray in your auto really makes the whole thing smell like an ashtray. Yes I do smoke, but I cannot stand the ashtray smell (and tossing the butts lets me indulge my inner lazy self and not have to constantly clean my car….)

  2. Really? It’s all about “getting” the Governor? What benefit are you getting from this again?

    I think you must be pulling my leg for the benefit of April Fools.

    I hope so, at least!

  3. I once had the pleasure of living on a corner that was halfway between a busy bus stop and a private high school. The bus would disgorge load after load of students on Central Ave., who would walk the two blocks to Luther North H.S., right past my house. I’m sure they threw their cigarette butts in every direction during that two block walk, but I know my yard definitely got it’s fair share. So, basically from November to May, my yard would get 25-50 butts a day. They would lay there all winter until the snow melted, then get shredded by the first application of the lawn mower, rendering my idyllic greensward less than utopian. Eventually, I learned that the first 30 minutes of every grass cutting session would be devoted to “butt patrol.” Ironic, as i don’t even smoke….

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