My Dog is “Obese”

Meet Miles.  He just went to the vet a few days ago and our vet called him obese!  He has gained 15 pounds in 18 months.  What happened?  We don’t know.  He’s only 5 years old and normally the Quimby the Food-Obsessed Lab beats him to any stray food in the area.  Maybe since Quimby is now a senior citizen, he’s not as quick as he used to be and Miles gets the benefits.  So, poor Miles is now on a diet and has been walking with me for extra exercise.

He looks embarrassed.  Not as embarrassed as we were when the vet asked, “What did you do to him?” like we’ve been force feeding him Krispy Kremes for the past year.  I knew he was a little bigger these days, but had no idea.  I should have figured something was up when I ordered a new dog bed for him a few months ago and the Medium was too small.  I had to send it back for a Large.

Once I switched dog foods for Quimby and didn’t bother to read the new label and it turned out I was giving 3x what I was supposed to be giving him.  I didn’t notice anything was wrong until a few months later when one of my friends mentioned that he was looking a little chunky.  He had gained 20 lbs. and I hadn’t even noticed!

This isn’t quite as bad, but it’s close.  I should be the one who’s embarrassed.

Sorry, Miles.

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