Awful Album Covers

Okay, technically this is not part of my illustrious album collection, but one of my good friends forwarded me a few of what were called The Worst Album Covers of All Time.  This one was my favorite.  Meet the famed gospel group, The McKeithens.  

First off, their name is grammatically incorrect and one of my all time pet peeves – the incorrect use of an apostrophe.  Second, I’m not sure where to begin on this hideous family.  A little research tells me that this particular album is from 1976, which was all in all a hideous year for fashion anyway.  But, take 1976 kountry kitch’n fashions, add a giant Marge Simpson beehive and you have got yourself a masterpiece!

If you want to see one of the McKeithens today, click here to see Angela (the fetching blonde) and her new band!

Thanks, Beej!

2 thoughts on “Awful Album Covers

  1. So, I guessing Amy Winehouse must have seem this album cover during her formative years…

  2. That hair is so bad it looks photoshopped. The Winehouse reference is priceless. This album reminded me of all the old LPs my grandma had of groups I and most other humans had never heard of.

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