Neiman Marcus Charges Me for “Free” Gift


So I went a little crazy and “rewarded” myself with a pair of expensive shoes from Neiman Marcus Online.  I’m no Carrie Bradshaw or anything, but this particular high-end brand of shoes fit my Flintstone Feet for some reason, so when I see a pair I like, I buy.  I notice as I am checking out that I get a “FREE GIFT” with my purchase of an embroidered Neiman Marcus shoe bag.  Wow.  A shoe bag.  WTF is a shoe bag?  I also notice that I have no choice in the matter, as it is automatically added in to my order with no way to opt out.  But, it says:

Neiman Marcus Embroidered Shoe Bag……………………………………………. $0.00

So, it’s free – right?

Wrong.  I get my bill this month and there is an $8.95 “Delivery and Processing” fee –  I guess for the privilege of receiving my “free” gift.  Now… I might be a little slow when it comes to the math department, but…. that means it’s…. um, NOT FREE.

No problem, Neiman Marcus is known for their superior Customer Service, correct?  I mean, aren’t they they guys that sell $1,000,000 Christmas gifts and stuff?  With customers like that, they have to be good, right?  So, I email Neiman Marcus Customer Service:


I just received my NM bill for last month, where I purchased a pair of shoes which came with a nice “free” NM shoe bag. Now I notice that I was charged $8.95 in “Delivery and Processing” fees for the pleasure of having you send me my “free” bag. Please remove this charge as soon as possible. I don’t think it is fair to charge me shipping and handling fees on something that is supposed to be a gift and that I did not ask for. Looking forward to your response.


And what was their response?  They basically told me to go fuck myself.  Yes, I know it’s only $8.95, but dammit it’s the principle!  How can you force me to pay for my own free gift?  Why did it cost $8.95 to ship me a cotton bag? What happened to superior customer service?  And, what the hell do you do with a shoe bag anyway?  Do you just put your shoes in them?  WTF?????

Fuck you Neiman Marcus!

(Yes, those are the actual shoes I bought.)

One thought on “Neiman Marcus Charges Me for “Free” Gift

  1. So, I guess you’d better not try the old Jedi mind-trick of returning your radial tires after 60,000 miles because they “wore out,” even though NM doesn’t even sell radial tires…sounds like you would have been compactified* by their customer service slugs.

    *a really cool word I heard today in relation to String Theory…..I don’t know what it means but I think it could apply

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