Yes, I Made a Sandwich Loaf


So, I decided to make my very own Sandwich Loaf. I guess since I seem to be a  little obsessed with them, I should at least have the experience of making one myself, right?  (And, yes, I know that my sandwich loaf is hideous, and it’s not due to the poor photography.)

First off, who knew this would take an entire fucking day to make?  With all the little layers inside, hard boiling eggs, slicing the bread lengthwise and chopping of all the ingredients very finely  – it literally took all day.  The one I made had a shrimp and onion salad layer (BTW: I have never before this day opened a can of ‘tiny shrimp’ that the recipe calls for.  WTF are those things?  They look like little Sea Monkeys!) a chicken, egg and bacon layer, and a cream cheese and parsley layer.  Then, the whole thing is frosted with cream cheese. Even though it looks like a five year old made it – it actually tasted pretty good.  But, I won’t be making another one – it takes too damn long!

This loaf-tastic item was part of a menu that I made for a Mother’s Day dinner for 20 we had at my house.  The entire menu was made out of my 1956 Betty Crocker cookbook and was in honor of my Mother In Law since she is the Queen of 50s cooking.  I’ll post the rest of the menu tomorrow, and if anyone wants me to post any of the recipes, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Yes, I Made a Sandwich Loaf

  1. I like the way you lined up the pickles. Sort of like little green sea slugs on parade in front of a cinder block.

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