Flight of the Conchords: Mutha Uckers


I’ve said it before, but Flight of the Conchords is probably the most hilarious show ever.  Besides Business Time, this is my second favorite song.  Where else can you find a song about racism, smoothies, mangos, ATM fees and censorship all in one place?



P.S. I had to add Leggy Blonde, as it was the same episode.  

3 thoughts on “Flight of the Conchords: Mutha Uckers

  1. man….funny stuff. Wish I coulda understood more than about 10% of it. Something about apples?

    Yeah, the other one was good too, esp. that little rif at the end. Perfect recreation of the cheesy 70’s era office with fake paneling and all. Now, where’s my double knit polyester suit?

  2. I just love how their skewering “radio” edits on rap songs by having the song basically unintelligible with the edits. I always hate those radio-edit songs.

    How many mutha uckas?
    Too many to count
    Mutha uckas

  3. Having just returned from 3 “exciting” days in sweltering NYC, I can’t think of a more perfect tune than this to describe the entire New York experience:

    “How many mutha uckas?
    Too many to count
    Mutha uckas”


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