When Birthdays Mean Nothing




My stepdaughter turned 24 yesterday (Happy Birthday Amy!) and it got me to thinking about birthdays.  When do you stop aging in your head?   I know when I did … I was 25.  How do I know this?  Because it’s just the age I feel in my head as opposed to my “chronical” age (Thanks Ramona of Housewives NYC).  

Why 25?  Who knows?  I don’t think you get to pick your mental age – it picks you.  When I was 25 I was living on my own in downtown Chicago – kind of a Mary Richards type of thing, I guess.  I was broke, but I was happy and doing it all myself. (La la la… you’re gonna maaaaaaaaake it after all!)

Anyway, I guess having a young mental age is a good way to stay young.  Something I have to focus on while I get ready for the big 4-0 this year.  

40?  Fuck, that’s old!

2 thoughts on “When Birthdays Mean Nothing

  1. For guys, I think the permanent mental age gets pegged at about 18 or 19.

    Listen, you have a ways to go before you can wear the “Older Than Dirt” t-shirt with any authority, so enjoy your “relative” youth while you can…

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