I Wish it Had Been ‘Numbnut”

I’m sure you caught the Spelling Bee this weekend, right?  No, I didn’t either.  But, I did see the clip of the eventual winner, Sameer Mishra, getting the word “numnah” and thinking it was “numbnut.”  You can’t help but laugh, as it really did sound like numbnut to me.  What’s wrong with numbnut?  It’s a proper english word, see:  

A dumbass. A person of questionable intelligence, usually a male for obvious reasons. If reason is not obvious, perhaps you are a numbnut.  The numbnut tried to run away, but he failed to realize his shoes were tied together.
I used to be an awesome speller back in the day – not good enough to be in a spelling bee (frankly – the bee seems to more be about being able to get up in front of an audience – – something I fail miserably at unless I’ve had some “liquid courage”, if you know what I mean.) but certainly good enough.  Now, thanks to SpellCheck, I’m a lazy-ass like everyone else and let the computer do the work for me.  Often poorly.  

(Umm – there’s a lesson and tie-in here somewhere – although I’m not exactly sure what it is.)  

Long live the numbnut!

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