People are Stupid

It turns out that because of our bad economic times, people are turning to Spam.  Yes, Spam.  According to the AP, Hormel Foods, the makers of Spam, reported a big increase Spam earnings last quarter – up 10% in the last 12 weeks alone.    The AP story cites harried working people stocking up on the canned meat to stretch their food dollar.  Problem is, Spam is actually more expensive than regular, non-processed, sodium-nitrate-infused protein products – like oh, say – chicken.  In fact, it’s about $1.00 more per pound than chicken.  People are stupid and don’t read labels.

I have only had Spam once or twice, and frankly I find it disgusting.  I know some people really like it – especially in Hawaii for some reason – but I don’t get it at all.  All those scary canned meats really freak me out – like Canned Chicken, Corned Beef, Vienna Sausages, and my personal favorite, Potted Food Meat Product.  (Yes, it’s really called that.)  There’s something strange about putting meat in a can –  no matter what the hell you want to call it.  (I do like canned Corned Beef Hash, however – so go figure.  I am such an enigma!)


See original article here.

One thought on “People are Stupid

  1. Some of the readers of this fine informative blog have probably had the pleasure of eating c-rations out of a can, and know how much better they taste when warmed up in a fire vs. completely cold with all the fat and preservatives congealed-like.

    I remember having a “complete” c-rat meal in the dark, without the benefit of any heat or actual “cooking,” and wondering “what exactly was that?” I decided to keep the cans handy so I could read the labels in the daylight….turns out it was a can of scrambled eggs/ham, with a side can of “bread.”

    Ask anybody, the faves and highest on the hit parade of tradeable c-rats was 1. Fruit Cocktail and 2. Beans and franks.

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