Go Big Brown!

 I’m really rootin’ for Big Brown today in the Belmont.  As we all know, it’s been almost 30 years since the last Triple Crown Winner and if he wins it today, it would give a big boost to horse racing.  I have to admit I love going to the track and seeing the horses run.  They really are such magnificent creatures and even with all the controversy, I still love the sport.  I hope he wins clean and no tragedies today, please!  I can’t take another Eight Belles.

Good Luck, Big Brown!


———— update

Poor Big Brown!  😦  I’m just glad he wasn’t hurt.

One thought on “Go Big Brown!

  1. I dunno, still kinda makes me sad. Poor horsies. But you’re right, it is a sport, and it has a cool kind of culture around it. And I am not crying over our pitchers’ elbows or Paulie’s thumb…Its just that our human athletes get to decide themselves if they are going to thrash their bodies. Oh well, I am cheering Big Brown on today too!

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