Vintage Cookbook Centerfold of the Week

Behold this beautiful spread from the June Roth’s Fast & Fancy Cookbook, circa 1969.  First question: Who the hell is June Roth?  At first I thought she was some made-up happy housewife, like Betty Crocker or June Cleaver – but a quick Google search shows that she was indeed a real person, who, unfortunately died in 1990 at the age of 64.  RIP June.

June’s Fast & Fancy cookbook promises us “Glamorous Gourmet Dishes from Inexpensive Quick-Fix Foods” right on the cover, and if by quick-fix foods she means using frozen potato products, then this book surely delivers!  In fact, on the featured page above from the Seafood Section, June uses frozen potato products in three out of the four dishes, because you know nothing goes better with seafood than spuds!

Seen above (top clockwise) Baked Seafood Casserole (with frozen crinkle-cut fries), Broccoli Crab Divan (with no frozen potato products), Curried Quiche (with frozen french fries), Crab a la Parmentiere (with frozen tater tots)! I’m not sure, but I think June must have been from Idaho.

June may not be with us any more, but her legacy lives on!

(Thanks to my sister-in-law for adding this book to my collection.)

2 thoughts on “Vintage Cookbook Centerfold of the Week

  1. Maybe she had survived the potato famine as a little girl back in the old sod, and was just so happy to live in a land of plentiful potatoes, free, crinkle-cut or otherwise.

    Of course, her age in 1990 would have been about 150, so maybe not…

  2. thank you June Roth

    This is a really great book. A personal fave is the garnish to the Ham ‘n Cheese logs – the egg/olive penguin. What’s particularly interesting is that the log is simply cheese wrapped in ham (pretty simple) while the penguins take forever!

    The Flickr link shows the penguins garnishing an Amy Sedaris cheeseball.

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