Hooray for Tiger

No, I don’t normally watch golf tournaments.   I’m not that interested in golf – mostly because I completely suck at it and most of my golfing memories are bad ones comprised of getting really drunk at my old company’s outings.  But, I have to admit – I got really into the US Open Tournament over the weekend.  In fact, I watched almost all of it in some form or another.  Friday we watched it in a local bar while celebrating a friend’s birthday.  Saturday we watched it at home while we cleaned up from the bad storms the night before.  Sunday we watched it at my sister-in-law’s while celebrating father’s day.  Then, yesterday since I was working, I opened up a live streaming video box right in the corner of my computer.  Gotta love technology! 

You also gotta love Tiger – he really is amazing. To win while battling severe knee pain is something alone, but to keep going and fighting and never give up just shows he really is a champion.  He almost makes it look easy!

Did I mention I really suck at golf?  Just ask my cohorts at El Tigre in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Viva El Tigre!

4 thoughts on “Hooray for Tiger

  1. Yeah, Tiger’s pretty swell and all, but I was pulling for the old guy to tell you the truth.

    I’m pretty sure Tiger could beat any of us from the old DT Rototillers team even standing on one leg. Or sitting in a wheelchair for 18 holes. The guy’s good….we’re not.

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