Sex in the City Sux

So I finally saw Sex in the City last night with a girlfriend.  As usual, I’m a few weeks late – but my friend is a firefighter and her schedule is insane, so I had to wait until we could both go to see it.  I have to admit, I was kind of excited to see it – I loved the HBO series and followed Carrie’s heartbreak with Big like everyone else who’s had a few of her own.  Yes, I wanted (and cared) to know what happened… I am a girl, dammit!

Well,  the movie kind of sucks.

I wasn’t unwatchable or anything, but it just… lacked something.  (Or maybe it had “too much” – it seemed to last for hours.)  The storyline was kind of weak, too – but here are my main gripes: 

  1. Silly Clothes.  Sometimes it seemed they just had random scenes thrown in to dress them up in ridiculous outfits to strut around and never really go anywhere.  The clothes were really, really hideous –  I don’t care how much they fucking cost.  At one point my friend and I were actually moaning out loud when a new ugly outfit would show up.  I know that cutting-edge fashion is kind of a trademark of the show – but I think maybe they are too old to get away with it now, or cutting-edge fashion has gone up about 100 more points on the Butt-Ugly scale – or both.
  2. Bad Acting.  Really bad acting, actually.  Jennifer Hudson – how did this woman win an Oscar?  She was terrible.  The guy that plays Smith – was he always that bad?  He also looks like he’s not aging well… maybe that’s why I now notice his poor acting “skilllllz.”  The little kid that played the Chinese adoptee?  Awful – and she literally had like two lines!  If you can’t teach your child actor two lousy lines, then perhaps that is not her calling in life – and you can’t be cute forever (re: Smith above.)
  3. Bad Writing.  I think the moment this hit home for me was when my friend and I were guessing plot points (LOVE as the password, anyone?) and saying lines out loud along with the movie because they were so cliché and predictable.  It just seemed like the writing was phoned-in as they were busy spending the Big Movie Budget on idiotic clothing.  

Maybe things are just better as a TV show and they should just leave it alone.  Or, maybe I’m older now and am just “not that into” it any more. Or, maybe it just sucked.  (Oh, and Sarah Jessica Parker should really stick to TV, as seeing her face at movie-sized proportions is just not a good thing, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.)

Summary:   This clip pretty much sums up my total experience last night.  Too bad!

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