Airport Bars of the World: SXM

I’ve decided to begin a new informational feature here on Nacho Underpants:  Airport Bars of the World. I spend a lot of time in airports, and since there really isn’t much else to do on a layover, spend a lot of time in airport bars. So, I will be your faithful airport bar journalist – reporting on the good, the bad and the ugly.  I promise to do as much research as I can to give you, the reader, the most comprehensive information as possible.

SINT MAARTEN, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean
The Rum Jumbie Bar
Located on the 2nd floor concourse next to gate A3

This bar was quite the oasis on a long layover at SXM on a really long day from AXA-SXM-CHA-ORD.  Of course, considering that the first word on the sign said “Rum”- that was all I really needed as far as advertising went.

No food, but there are plenty of shops around that sell sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, and my personal caribbean favorite: pates.  I liked the happy mood at this bar, as most airport bars are depressing at best.  It was nice and bright, and you can watch the planes on the tarmac as extra fun.   The bartender, Andre, was extremely nice and efficient, and even bought our last round for us and had his own boom box going which he mostly played disco hits of the 70s.

Pluses: Bright cheery atmosphere, strong drinks, nice bartender
Minuses: No food, no Cruzan rum

A T-RATING® of 4 out of 5

2 thoughts on “Airport Bars of the World: SXM

  1. Interesting website! – Please give us some more “bars of the world reviews!” – I travel internationally and would like to see more reviews – I would be able to add comments of my own. Let’s see… Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Rep., Slovakia (down right good prices) France (if you care) Central America, Mexico and Charlotte,NC USA
    But the best airport bars are in Europe or the Caribbean – as if you didn’t know. I’m bored as you can tell…

    Good luck

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