Punched Before Eating

Okay, frankly I haven’t found anything funny on Saturday Night Live in ages, but then again I am mere months away from being “middle aged.”  (*sob)

 This weekend I saw this rerun from October and I have to admit even though it is completely stupid, random and a little too long –  I laughed like an idiot.  Maybe it’s just Andy Samberg – he’s like Will Ferrell where he cracks me up in pretty much anything he’s doing.

Click here to see the video – Fucking HULU keeps taking it off YouTube.

(Am I cool again, now, kidz?)

2 thoughts on “Punched Before Eating

  1. I completely agree! My friend showed me this vid on youtube a few months ago and there’s just something about it…maybe it’s Andy’s goofy expression, or maybe it’s the background music; either way this clip has the ability to transform my mood and make me giddy with girlish laughter. Good pick 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you just compared Samberg to Ferrel… No Way! Not even close! He’s a mega dork. Kristin Wiig is my new favorite cast member Penelope is my favorite, I invented her mmm like 5 year ago… before Kristen did…I even do her better soo…mm

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