Bravo Gets Me Again: Flipping Out

What is going on with Bravo?  It seems that they have caught me up in their bevy of fun programming.  First, they got me hooked on Real Housewives of NYC, now it’s Flipping Out.  It seems I am a 29 year-old gay person when it comes to my ideal programming demographic.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

Flipping Out follows the daily trials and tribulations of Jeff Lewis, a real estate speculator in Los Angeles, and his calvalcade of employees and subcontractors.  I know, sounds kind of boring, right?  Not if the main guy is certifiably nuts.  He readily admits to having OCD, freaks out at the slightest provocation, goes to scream therapy, hires psychics and mediums to clear houses and make decisions for him, and obsesses over the smallest detail.  All this adds up to great television and absolutely gorgeous house renovations.  I just love Jeff  – he’s like the gay best friend I’ve always wanted.

Do yourself a favor if you haven’t tuned in and check it out.  It won’t be hard to find, as Bravo likes to play reruns about 100,000 x a day.  Hell, tune in over a weekend and watch the whole season in one sitting!  You won’t be sorry.

3 thoughts on “Bravo Gets Me Again: Flipping Out

  1. Love this show, too! Bravo rocks! I have a “Season Pass” to many Bravo shows….

    Saw you post re: Bennigans… sad if that is true. I was a huge Monte Cristo fan (and I have the congested arteries to prove it).

    Sorry I missed you.


  2. Hey JMo!

    How’s Ft Fun treating you? I hope you are having the Pickle Barrel every day, as that is what I would do if I was in the Fort.

    Yes, Bravo is the best, and yes, Bennigan’s did actually shut their doors for good.

  3. Ft. Fun is Ramtastic! I have been to the PB once since I have been there. Love it! Sad about Bennigans, but then how many Monte Christos do you think they are really selling these days?

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