Tales of a Graphic Designer: The Deadbeat Client


Part of the fun of working for yourself is sending out invoices.  I don’t know why, but I love to put them together, print them on my little letterhead and pop them in the mail. It’s strangely comforting to me for some reason – I guess since for every one you send, you know that’s some money coming in.  I  like that. You know what I don’t like?  Never getting fucking paid from those invoices!

It happens more than you might think, and it always seems that the bigger the company, the harder it is to get paid.  It also seems that if I know the people personally, I don’t get paid on time either.  Why is that?  I would think I would want to pay people I know before I pay people I don’t know. 

I usually base my invoicing on project pricing rather than by the hour pricing.  Sometimes I think I would make more if I did charge by the hour, but frankly I am too lazy to keep track.  Also, I usually ask for half the project price up front, and then invoice for the rest on the back end, but not always.  I should really do it more often, as here I am with a client where the project has been completed for four months, but I have yet to see any money.  It’s great for them… they have their project and I guess they think I am nice enough to have done it for fucking free!

Anyway, pay your fucking bills… you know who you are!