My Mac Keyboard is Disgusting

I know, you can’t really tell in this bad photo I took, but trust me – it’s gross.  What they don’t tell you when you buy your cool hip white/clear Mac keyboard is that it gets completely disgusting just a short time later. It’s full of cat hair, miscellaneous food crumbs, dirt, grime, dead skin cells and God knows what else. And, because the casing is clear, you can see it all – just like an ant farm!  As an added bonus, the white keys are now a dingy grey.

Let’s just say, it doesn’t look anything like this:

5 thoughts on “My Mac Keyboard is Disgusting

  1. Hey, EagleEye

    Can I please tell you that I have been gone from DT for 7 years now and I still have a case of this left? They had made a mistake when I ordered it one time and sent me like 3 cases of it. I use it for scrap paper, as you can see.

  2. Wow… that was Big Mac’s brilliant design. Were you there before that when the letterhead was brown and the DT was ginormous with some cool mid-80s font address below?


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