The First Christmas Catalog of the Year Goes to….

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!  A Christmas Catalog.  Yes, Christmas.  Okay, the whole catalog wasn’t Christmas, but the last 14 pages were!  WTF?  Christmas is FIVE months away!  Nobody but my mother-in-law has even thought about Christmas yet!  It’s not even Labor Day, for Christ’s sake (pun intended!)

BTW – do you see something wrong with this picture?  I mean, besides the fact that that $3,000 chaise is a hideous shade of blue?  Take a look outside…  it’s SUMMER!!!!  Those kids are either really early for Christmas ’08, or they’re still there from Christmas ’07 – someone help them!

Also, someone help Horchow get a fucking grip and not freak me out with Christmas shit in August.