The First Christmas Catalog of the Year Goes to….

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!  A Christmas Catalog.  Yes, Christmas.  Okay, the whole catalog wasn’t Christmas, but the last 14 pages were!  WTF?  Christmas is FIVE months away!  Nobody but my mother-in-law has even thought about Christmas yet!  It’s not even Labor Day, for Christ’s sake (pun intended!)

BTW – do you see something wrong with this picture?  I mean, besides the fact that that $3,000 chaise is a hideous shade of blue?  Take a look outside…  it’s SUMMER!!!!  Those kids are either really early for Christmas ’08, or they’re still there from Christmas ’07 – someone help them!

Also, someone help Horchow get a fucking grip and not freak me out with Christmas shit in August.

5 thoughts on “The First Christmas Catalog of the Year Goes to….

  1. I guess they want to get people’s money while they still have their houses. Not too many folks be ordering from horchow when they living in a cardboard box in lower Wacker.

  2. Shit, somone call Department of Children and Family Services………..those kids have been sitting there since LAST Christmas! Perhaps the little shits ate too much turkey……mmmmm, turkey………who doesn’t love a triptophan induced slumber? Yummy!

    HTF do you spell triptophan, anyway?

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