J.Crew Clown Collection

Ask anyone who knows me, I have always loved J.Crew.  And, I’m sure J.Crew loves me based on how much moolah I hand over to them on a quarterly basis.  It’s my one vice… (okay I couldn’t type that with a straight face) uh, one of my vices. In fact, once I came into about $5,000 unexpectedly and my only thoughts were how much I could spend at J.Crew.  Sad, I know.

Anyway, I came across this beautiful outfit while perusing the famously poorly-designed J.Crew website and had to say:  WTF?  I mean, seriously – who would wear this outfit together?  Maybe Bozo’s illegitimate daughter or something.  WTF kind of clown outfit is this?

Okay, the pants are cute.

3 thoughts on “J.Crew Clown Collection

  1. i personally think that all these “big time” designers sit around drinking and laughing about all the goofy stuff they’ve come up with over the years that people actually wear.

    I have no doubt that they try to outdo each other with who can dream up the silliest, most hideous costume that the fashion press will take seriously and fools will actually pay money to wear.

    I say they sketch their outlandish ideas on a soggy cocktail napkin, and take bets on whether any mope would actually manufacture or wear.

  2. Actually, I think it all works if she ditches the gloves and the bag. But she needs to keep whatever bag she replaces it with as a neutral.

    Apparently the J.Crew merchandisers don’t watch “What Not To Wear”.

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