Apple is Awesome

  1. Go to Concert
  2. Drink Too Much
  3. Drop iPhone on Cement
  4. Notice iPhone Screen Doesn’t Work
  5. Take to Apple Store
  6. New iPhone Given to You – No Questions Asked
I love you, Apple.  I will buy your products at full-price forever.

4 thoughts on “Apple is Awesome

  1. Jme

    Take it in and make up some bullshit story – they’ll probably just give you another one. Hell, I dropped my old iPod in the toilet a few years ago – sent it to Apple with no explanation what happened and they sent me a brand new one free of charge!

  2. Jme

    And I curse you, why would you curse apple for one faulty product that appears to be beyond repair. If it worked when it was given to you then it is no fault of apples.

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