303 Taxi Sucks

So I’m coming back from Chicago last night on a late night train that gets into my town at 12:25am.  We didn’t have a car there at the train station, so no problem – we’ll just call a taxi, right?


I look up taxi numbers on my iPhone and the first one that comes up is American Taxi.  We call.  The say they don’t go to my town, but give us a number of someone who does.  This number ends with 0303.  This means its 303 Taxi.  I think it’s a little strange that they hand us right over to the competition, but I’m fucking tired and just want to go home.  This is where things get strange.

We call the 0303 number and the guy says that that is the wrong 0303 number and gives us another 0303 number.  So, we call that number and after taking all our information they just say, “Sorry – we can’t send anyone out there now.”  Um, okay.  Why is that?  “We just can’t.”  Huh?  Okay, thanks for nothing, dipshit.

No problem, there are plenty of taxi companies listed under Taxi Services for my town in the online yellow pages.  We’ll just call another company.


Every one of them would re-route back to 303 taxi!  I am not making this up.  We called like four other listings and they would always pick up the phone as 303 Taxi!  It’s like they murdered all the other taxi drivers out there so they could * not * pick you up!

We called them again and explained the situation, but they wouldn’t budge.  At one point my husband says, “So what I am supposed to do, sleep in the train station?” and the guy says – no lie – “I don’t think you’re supposed to do that, sir.”  WTF?????  Isn’t the fucking point of a taxi to PICK ME UP where I need a ride and TAKE ME TO WHERE I WANT TO GO?  They don’t get to just pick and choose where to go and who to pick up, right?  And it’s not like I live at 8-Mile or something.  I live in a big suburban town that has a train line that goes to Chicago!  Aggggagagagh!

What did we do?  Well, we had to call a friend of my stepdaughter who lives two towns over to come and pick our asses up!

Thank you to that friend, and thanks for nothing 303 Taxi – you suck!

UPDATE 10/09: Hey, guess what?  303 Taxi Still Sucks!

16 thoughts on “303 Taxi Sucks

  1. Sounds like something right outta Kafka. Speaking of which, read The Castle sometime if you haven’t already…terrific in that crazy, fevered, illogical style that was his hallmark.

    p.s. American Taxi isn’t any prize either

  2. 303 TAXI has always been a quality cab service – clean, courteous and on-time – there can always be one bad apple in a bushel – just like there are poor examples of fair and balanced web commentaries (blogs) – take another trip with 303 TAXI – I’m guessing you’ll have a different (better,) experience.

  3. Hmmm… kind of sounds like you maybe have something personal invested in 303 taxi? This is my personal blog, and this was my personal experience – I am not Newsweek. I don’t call stranding me at a train station at 1am courteous, BTW. I still stand by their suckage.

  4. 303 and American suck!!!!

    Call us when you’re stranded, we’ll get there!!!!

    847-526-CABS Metro Yellow

    • Metro yellow is fucking all the other taxi companies in the area. BOYCOTT METRO YELLOW. Use the hard working locally owned companies.

  5. I am not an employee, nor do I have any financial interest in 303 or any other livery service. Deep Suburbia is not downtown where cabs are in demand all hours. 303 and others have independent drivers trying to make a living in their local territory. Ask yourself if you would get out of bed at 12:25 am for a $5 or $10 fare from a Metra station to a nearby house. The smaller companies don’t even bother with middle of the night service, which is why they referred you to 303.

    This morning was the first time I ever needed a cab in Deep Suburbia. Not knowing what lead time they need, I called 303 a little after 6:00 am and they said they’d have someone at my house in ten or fifteen minutes. I said I needed to be picked up at 7:30. Sure enough, a cab showed up within minutes of 7:30. The driver was courteous and spoke understandable English, and his car was clean and comfortable.

    The next time you want a middle of the night pickup, call 303 early in the day or the day before, and they might be able to find a driver who has personal plans to be out late nearby and would be willing to meet the 12:25 or 1:25 train for a $5 or $10 fare.

  6. Hey MIT Dork

    Thanks for the overly-complicated explanation that I didn’t need regarding how taxis work. Regardless of how many paragraphs you write, you are missing the point – which is that if you are going to be the “on call” guy and make sure all the other taxi companies refer calls to you at night, then perhaps you should provide the actual service?

    I stand by my post. I did call for over an hour while on the train trying to figure out the problem. 303 taxi still sucks in my book.

  7. I live in a city of CHICAGO and that’s why I pay for a cab to take home….I live in a very nice naborhood but sometimes I want to get dropt of at the back of my building!!!! It’s more conveniant for me…I pay money so woudn’t be atacked in the midle of the night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It”s God damn dangerous !!!!!!!!!!!So I pay money to cabby to drop me off at my door … even if it’s my buildings back door… This message to all TAXSI BUSINESS OWNERS AND DRIVERS,,,,,MY ADVICE TO DOWN TOWN TAXI OWNERS – MAKE SURE YOUR TAXI DRIVERS ARE POLITE AND YOUR REPONSIBILTIY IS TO GIVE A RIDE TO CLIENT FROM A- TO B……………
    I’m so close to Sui you …

  8. Hi,
    yea it sucks that Downers Grove doesn’t have an actually cab service but I drive for Naperville DuPage Taxi and let me tell you that little companies like us will do anything you need. American and 303 no disrespect are poor at picking up unless it’s at the airport even though that’s not nessarily true too. Just as a heads up for next time call a smaller company. We like fares like you. Screw the Haters!

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