What My Dog Thinks of Obama’s Speech

Yeah, Quimby – I thought it would be better, too.

I don’t know… I’m not all up about Obama as it seems everyone else in the world is these days.  Maybe it’s because I’m from Chicago and know that he’s done nothing but run for the next office when he’s supposed to be doing his job in the office I elected him to.  That kind of pisses me off a little, as I’ve been used to the Rostenkowskis of the world “bringin’ home the bacon” as they say.  I had a friend in the stadium that said it was really cool – – I’m sure being there in person was very different from watching it on TV – wine or not.

Don’t get me wrong – I have always voted Democratic and I’m not about to change that now. And, I think it’s totally amazing that we have finally realized that it’s okay to have someone besides a square white guy as our President.  So yes, I’ll vote for him –  but I’m not totally dancing in the streets about it.

(Bring Bill back! I’d vote for him 100x over)

 PS – Don’t those iPhones take FANTASTIC pictures?