Vintage Cookbook Centerfold of the Week


These are some beautiful breasts!

Now that I got your attention, you know that I mean chicken breasts.  Technically, Chicken Breasts Jeannette from the Gourmet Menu Cookbook circa 1969.  Poached chicken, fois gras, chaud froid blanc (fancy word for milky jello sauce) and truffles.  And, of course, you set the whole thing on top of a bed of unflavored gelatin.

This dish is said to only be served at high-end functions such as weddings, anniversaries and dinner parties.  Oh, and at the vomitorium.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Cookbook Centerfold of the Week

  1. 1969? No wonder people smoked so much freakin’ dope – how could you eat that shit unless you had a SERIOUS case of the munchies. Fuck.

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