How Did De-bate Skool Go, Sarah?

Yes, I watched the VP debate last night, and no, Sarah Palin did not do as completely awful as I expected her to based on watching her Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric interviews – – but was she anywhere near good? Is this someone ya want runin’ the good ol’ US of A a winkin’ and a noddin’?  I honestly never thought I’d see someone less intelligent than W running for a top office in our country, but she makes him look like a Yale graduate.  (snarf.)

Come, on – be honest.  You know she sucked – she just didn’t suck as badly as everyone thought she would, so now everyone says “she held her own” or “knocked it out of the park.”  Um, hardly. 

One of my favorite quotes from Al Gore applies here.  He likes to say this when people remark in surprise on how funny he is:

“I benefit from low expectations.”

2 thoughts on “How Did De-bate Skool Go, Sarah?

  1. you got that right – want an idiot – McCain looks half dead already. no way i’m letting palin run the country when johnny mac kicks!

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