Beaa or Moou?


Anyone who spends a lot of time overseas will tell you that the English TV pickins (thanks Gov. Palin!)  are slim to none for most European hotels.  Most of the hotels I stayed in over the last month in France only had one English station – CNN.  So,  after the novelty of trying to watch the French version of Wheel of Fortune wore off we watched CNN… a lot of CNN.

After watching countless hours of CNN while on the road, I noticed two things.  One, they have no programming.  We saw the same five pre-packaged stories over and over no matter what the hour, day, night, weekday or weekend.  It’s a fucking NEWS station – don’t you have news?  Don’t you have anything NEW to say about the NEWS?  Second, they have no advertising.  We literally saw about six commercials for the entire trip.  Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  But, there was a silver lining.  I give it to you above.

This commercial played about four times per half hour. I found myself mesmerized by it… everything about it. At first it was trying to figure out what the hell it was for.  Okay, something about feta cheese – got it.  Then, it was trying to figure out what it meant.  Why is the guy a caveman with one eye?  Why is the one cow in a sheep costume? Why did he knock the milk over? Why is he embarrassed about it?  What the FUCK IS GOING ON????  

Then it was the details:  the bad computer animation, the strange editing, the red laser beam, the poor graphics – the overall oddness about it.  I was obsessed.   Every time I watched it, I would see something new. The song stuck in my head and I found myself humming it all day long.  My husband and I began to just randomly say “beaa” and “moou” during the day and giggle.  I looked forward to seeing it when we got back to the hotel each night.  I loved my beaa feta/moou feta – it was like a comforting friend in each new strange town we came to.

Then, it happened.

After being on about 10,000 times a day, suddenly it wasn’t on at all.  It was gone.  Totally gone! Where is my beaa feta/moou feta????   I was a beaa feta/moou feta junkie who had to quit cold turkey.  Each day I looked for it, but it was never to be seen again. I had serious withdrawal issues.  I got depressed.

Thank god for the internet.  After a lengthy search, I found their website and now have my beaa feta/moou feta forever!  Do what I did and just watch it about 10 times in a row – – I know you’ll get hooked.  

Now, can someone please tell me what the hell this ad is for?