Way to Alienate your Target Demographic, Gap!

It’s no secret that the Gap has been hemorrhaging money the past few years and seems to have no clear cut marketing plan.  Their quality has gone steadily downhill, while Old Navy siphons off what’s left of the old Gap demographic.  I haven’t shopped at the Gap for years, except for one thing: jeans.  Somehow they still have jeans that fit me and look good.  So, I was perusing the Gap website the other day looking for some new jeans, and I found this little ditty for the “curvy” jeans:

“Who needs perfect genes when you have fabulous jeans?”

Oh, I see.  Because I have “curves” (which is a nice way to say someone who has hips and an ass) I am not “perfect.”  What a clever play on words, size 0 copywriter! WTF?  Thanks a lot, Gap douchebags.  Like I don’t have enough problems with my hips and ass, I need you piling on?  Way to alienate the curvy crowd!  Way to not sell me some jeans!

Well, okay, I’ll probably buy them anyway.  Good looking jeans are good looking jeans. But I’m not happy about it. Fuckers.