No More Circus Animal Cookies!?

What?  First my net worth is half what it was two weeks ago – now Mother’s, makers of the delicious Animal Circus Cookies, is shutting its doors forever???  Say it ain’t so!  

These were my favorite cookies as a kid – I don’t even like sweets, but I have always loved these cookies.It might have something to do with the fact that they contain lard and are about 200 calories per ounce.  SO WHAT?  They are FUCKING GOOD!  Maybe Wells Fargo can come in and bail them out.   We need our Circus Animal Cookies now more than ever!

*sigh*  I think my childhood is officially dead.

4 thoughts on “No More Circus Animal Cookies!?

  1. I don’t think you have to worry! The way I read the article, they’re shutting their Oakland plant, but a couple other bakeries remain. The parent company filed for bankruptcy earlier this week, but they’re attempting to reorganize not liquidate the company. So all hope is not lost.

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