Airport Bars of the World: ORD

CHICAGO, Illinois, USA – O’Hare International Airport
Galileo Bar
Located in Terminal 1, Concourse B,
Near Gate B19

This is my favorite bar in O’Hare, and since I’m based here, I consider myself an expert on the subject.  It’s completely off the beaten path at one end of the B concourse, around a corner that looks like a dead end –  but is actually a few more hidden gates where they used to house all the Ted flights back in the day.  This means that no one really is aware of its existence, and therefore you are almost always guaranteed a seat.  Unlike other jam-packed O’Hare “bars” that are really just liquor served inside some lame “concept” restaurant, this is a bar and nothing else.  But, if you want food, there is a little Chicago Hot Dog wagon right next to it.  Now this reflects the real Chicago, my friends!

It’s also in a sunny corner, so you feel almost happy as you look around at your fellow degenerate flying companions.  The only complaint I have is that the bartenders have to card everyone 100%, which is really just completely stupid – especially when you sit there and have to watch the poor bartender mumble, “ID, please” for the 4,000th time that day  – and the customer (who is usually around 60) freak out on him.  Over and over and over again.

One time there was a guy in another O’Hare bar (Anheuser-Busch Salutes the Graphic Arts Bar – RIP) who was literally like 85 years old and told the bartender that he was “85 dammit” and wasn’t “showing anything to anyone to drink a goddamn beer!” Now if an 85 year-old can’t get a beer when he wants one, there’s something wrong with that policy.  How about a little common sense?  He didn’t get his beer.

Anyway, if you’re ever flying United and have a layover in the B concourse, check it out.  It’s a little piece of weirdness in an otherwise sterile airport environment.

Pluses: Hidden, sunny, not crowded
Minuses: Stupid carding rules

A T-RATING® of 4 out of 5