Quick ‘N Lazy!

Okay, okay… I know I’ve been a little slack on the blogging as of late.  It’s just that I’ve been a little busy lately with work and also getting ready for a big Halloween party this weekend.  But, I realized that just because I’m busy, I should not use that as an excuse to let all three of my fans down!

So, in keeping with the topic at hand, please enjoy the cover of the Good Housekeeping Quick ‘N Easy Cookbook from 1958.  It says right on the cover that it is “Time-Saver Dishes for Today’s Busy Woman” – and boy, those ladies must have been really fucking busy to make some of the crap in this book.

Take, for instance, the “Can Opener Minestrone” on page 9 that is basically canned vegetable soup mixed with canned chicken noodle soup with parsley, garlic and a can of kidney beans.  What does this take, five minutes to make?  I would be pissed if I was away downtown working all day making a living for my lazy-ass wife who throws three cans of shit together in two minutes and serves it to me for dinner!  WTF, June Cleaver?

I also love the cover photograph – I guess the art director was one of those busy, busy people who didn’t have time to select a proper photograph for this booklet because he had to get to the store and buy canned goods so his wife could make her famous minestrone soup.  This looks like something strawberry Shortcake did after eating a McDonald’s Hash Brown and three coffees on the expressway. (You know what I’m talking about…)  And, if you’re too busy not to be stupid, there are not one, but two props relating to the concept of time just in case you didn’t get it.  


Thanks to my other sister in law for the new addition to the collection!

3 thoughts on “Quick ‘N Lazy!

  1. I visualize one of those beehive coiffed gals from Mad Men running home after an afternoon tryst in a fancy Manhatten hotel to dump a bunch of crap together and call it dinner.

    Nice “jetsons” font on the cookbook…very space-age.

    p.s. thanks for pointing out the hourglass in the background. I just thought it was a lamp.

  2. I actually counted 3 props for the whole time concept. In addition to the pocket watch and the hourglass, you’ve got the “this raspberry has been sitting so long under the stupid camera lights, it’s already melting prop”. And you know that’s not real whipped cream; it’s probably the same Crisco shortening they use in the restaurants on their fake food display (I know it’s Crisco because I walked out with a piece of what I thought was Key Lime Pie and it was a nice Grease Lime Pie – too bad it took me 3 or 4 bites to figure it out in my somewhat less than sober state).

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