The Beauty of 1958


I found this cool video exhalting the beautiful clean lines and hip electronics of 1958 via one of my favorite websites,  The video orginally was produced as a documentary exploring the latest in technology asthetics in the post-war Eisenhower-era boom time.  I find it stragely calming – like those movies from the same time where people go about their business just before the nuclear bomb hits.

Click here to see video.

Thanks, jezebel.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of 1958

  1. It’s kind of interesting how many of the furnishings, especially in the office setting, look like stuff you can get at Ikea nowadays.

    What’s with Dad bbq’ing the hotdogs by placing ’em parallel to the cooking grid wires? He’s gonna end up with some weird lookin grill marks on them weenies.

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