St. John Sunset


As you can tell by my spotty blog performance as of late, I am on vacation down at our house on St. John in the Virgin Islands.  We were celebrating a good friend’s birthday and this was the sunset we were rewarded with.  I had to share!

5 thoughts on “St. John Sunset

  1. “Our vacation house in St. John’s”? OMG – can we be BFF’s? Damn, woman, how much money do graphic designers make? Might be time for me to switch careers. A month in France and a vacay house in St. John’s? Yeah, time for a career change. If you are thinking of adopting, let me know, I’m available.

  2. Let’s just say that the STJ house has nothing to do with my li’l graphic design firm. As the Real Houswives say – I was destined for greatness – by getting married to it!

  3. Go, sister! Does your husband have any brothers? Oh, wait, I’m married. I curse those vows! Let me know when you need a new BFF. We can be like Paris & Nicole, pre-break up!

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