Catalog Companies Suck


You could say catalogs are in my blood.  I have always loved catalogs and been an avid catalog shopper since ordering my first set of personalized pencils from Miles Kimball of Oshkosh, WI when I was like 10 years old.  I worked at a catalog name processing company in the 90s, with such clients as J Crew, Vermont Country Store, Lillian Vernon, Figi’s and personal favorites, Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn.  I love catalogs. I look forward to getting catalogs.  I shop online with my catalogs. I want to buy things from catalogs.  Lots and lots of things… But, alas, the catalogs don’t want me to buy things from them because everything I want to buy IS FUCKING BACKORDERED ALREADY AND IT’S ONLY FUCKING NOVEMBER 28.