Christmas Eve Menu

Well, I am the lucky one again this year and get to make Christmas Eve Dinner for 19.  I actually like doing the Christmas Eve thing because it’s not a set menu like Thanksgiving – so you have a little leeway in your choices.  This year, in addition to roast beef, I am going to make a 4 lb. Beef Wellington.  No, I have never made a Beef Wellington before and it does make me a little nervous to screw up a $200 piece of meat.  I am the worst baker in the world, so I will be using a store-bought puff pastry.  Not Pepperidge Farm, however – as it is full of trans-fats and preservatives and such.  I am using the Dufour brand, which is pure flour and butter. (You can get it at Whole Foods in the freezer section.)

Here is the Menu for this year:

Beef Wellington with Wine Reduction Sauce
Roast Beef  with Horseradish Sauce
Roasted Red Potatoes with Herbs
Honey Glazed Carrots 
Sandy Salad (a salad made by my friend Sandy that we all love)
Parkerhouse Rolls
Warm Sour Cherry Crisp with French Vanilla Ice Cream 

Lord knows I always have some sort of kitchen disaster, so let’s hope people drink enough wine to not notice whatever it is.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Menu

  1. I bet you’ve got a swell bavarian apron for the occasion.

    “I am using the Dufour brand.”

    Personally, I prefer the Foux du fafa brand.

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