John Lennon Gone for 28 Years


It’s hard to believe that if John Lennon had not been murdered 28 years ago, he would be 68 years old now.  I was only 12 years old when he was killed, and, like most people, I found out while my family and I were watching Monday Night Football on TV.  I didn’t really know too much about The Beatles then although I did know who they were from the albums my mom and dad had in the house.  My mother especially was devistated (she was only 33 then) and I remember her crying for days afterward.

It’s ironic that years later I became even a bigger fan of The Beatles than my parents.  Lennon’s words and thoughts are more relevant today than ever.  The world is definitely not a better place without him.  

Rest in Peace, John.

Tales of a Graphic Designer: The Wannabe Designer Client


Dear Client,
When you hired me, did you not know what you were paying me money for? Wasn’t it to DESIGN things for you because, you – being a SALESPERSON – do not know how to DESIGN things? Well, then why the hell do you bombard me with annoying emails telling me what fonts to use, graphics to use and how to put them together on your stupid web page? Isn’t that DESIGNING?

And so, because you have no idea what you are talking about – here is a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its head for you.

Fuck you very much,
Your Graphic Designer