John Lennon Gone for 28 Years


It’s hard to believe that if John Lennon had not been murdered 28 years ago, he would be 68 years old now.  I was only 12 years old when he was killed, and, like most people, I found out while my family and I were watching Monday Night Football on TV.  I didn’t really know too much about The Beatles then although I did know who they were from the albums my mom and dad had in the house.  My mother especially was devistated (she was only 33 then) and I remember her crying for days afterward.

It’s ironic that years later I became even a bigger fan of The Beatles than my parents.  Lennon’s words and thoughts are more relevant today than ever.  The world is definitely not a better place without him.  

Rest in Peace, John.

One thought on “John Lennon Gone for 28 Years

  1. I remember a Mick Stevens cartoon from the New Yorker titled “Life Without Mozart,” which I can’t cut and paste but here’s the link:

    Anyway, “Life without Lennon” would have to look pretty similar.

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